Popcorn corn

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Farm sells corn popcorn corn, 1, 000 tons, the disclosure - butterfly, 99-100 %, litter - less than 1 %, moisture - 13%, seeds Zangger ( USA), grown in the fields of Kherson, 22. 7 kg of paper packaging or polypropylene bags of 25-50 kg, 1, 000 tons, the harvest of 2013, Ukraine Kherson region. Our popcorn is converted into a volume, soft, fragrant and delicious popcorn. Upon expansion popcorn obtained torn voluminous flakes popcorn popcorn. This variety is mainly used for the preparation of salted popcorn or glazed sweet popcorn: popcorn on devices that are installed in parks, movie theaters, entertainment complexes, as well as for industrial processes. For more information visit www. globalinvest. nethouse. ru e-mail: global3070@gmail. com

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